The Worst Karaoke

This table is a compilation of the  WORST  karaokes.


Title Of Song

Original Artist

Performed By

Good or Bad or Even Worse


Village People

group @ Fonda's party

This song is the worst all time mutilated songs that we
ever brutalized.  It starts off normal but trust me we went right
off the deep end...

Barbie Girl


group @ William's Party

Ok, this song had everything go wrong with it.

Fly Me To The

Frank Sinatra

group @ William's Party

Ok, we only really picked this because it is the ending
theme song for Neon Genesis Evangelion.  But man, did we ever mess
this one up.

Glory Of Love

Peter Cetera

Rob, Dan, Chad @ William's Party

This is what happens when Cartman (South Park) and
Jar-Jar (Star Wars) sing a song in karaoke.

Baby Hit Me One More TimeBritney SpearsRobOh I am sure Britney
Spears would sound like this if she smoked too much and had throat
cancer and had her larynex removed.

Nothing's Gonna
Stop Us Now


Rob, Dan, Chad @ William's Party

Ok, it started fine, but when we had to hit those hard
notes, they said forget it, and then the song deteriorated....

Staying Alive

Bee Gees

Rob, Dan @ William's Party

Ok, a rather better attempt to hit Barry Gibb's high

A second attempt at Staying
@ Victor's Party.

Take On Me


group @ Fonda's party

You know THAT note is really hard for guys to hit. 
Well, this is what happens when a bunch of guys tried...  Plug
your ears!!!

A second attempt of  Take
On Me
  was at Harvey's party.  This version was not much



group @ Harvey's Party

Brutal mutilation of a love song... Oh yea...

We Are The World

USA For Africa

group @ Harvey's Party

Alright, the song started ok when we started to alternate
the lines that each of the different artists were suppose to
sing.  However, the song dragged on and on and on, and that is
when we started dying....  Oh, what a horrible death....

Lucy In The Sky With

William Shatner (Beatles)

James, Rob, Feron, Chad

Oh, yes, we have all been to William Shatner's Starfleet
School of Acting. "Jim, I'm a doctor not a singer!"

Beat It

Michael Jackson

Warren, William at Victor's Party

Heck, if Barry Gibb wasn't hard enough to do, Michael
Jackson's voice is even harder to match.

Don't Speak

No Doubt

William at William's party

I was just going to do this song normally because I
heard the remix of it. As I was practicing the song, I just realized
how perverted the song is, or rather... could be... hehehe...

Pretty Fly For A White


group at Victor's Party

Ah yes, rap songs like this and Eminiem are just mindless
reading off of the screen. It really shows why rappers need no singing

You Can Do MagicAmericaWilliam at my partyOk, it isn't really horrible, but I forgot the
lyrics mid-way through the song.