Karaoke, can be a word that holds many weird connotations. At first, I never really tried it, and admittingly, I was a bit scared to try it since I knew I had a really bad singing voice. I didn’t want to make a total fool of myself.

But I am a very open minded person willing to give things a shot and in group situations, I will do what I can to fit in and try to do the socially prudent thing and join in with the groups outings.

Soon, I realized it isn’t so much that you are good at singing that made karaoke. It was how well you adjust to change and how well you adapt to changing events. I was amazed at how Dan and Rob were such excellent karaoke’ers. Again, not because they took any voice classes or are part of any band or know how to play any music instruments. It was because they were able to improvise and make a laugh out it. See some of the samples below to see what I mean.

Now I don’t fear going to karaoke. Actually, I find it to be a very educational socially. It is a definite must to help build up your social humility. Gives you a big boost to your self-confidence.