Adult 50’s Early

Well,  I started a Youtube Channel aimed at documenting an era of anime we had in North America that brings it to what we know it as today.   There are […]

Adult 40’s Late

When you get to this part of your life, you start thinking Mid-Life Crisis.    Yes, as part of one of things I started to think about is things I always […]

Adult 40’s Middle

I have found fatherhood very rewarding as well as challenging.   One of the greatest things I love is when I am able to share something with my kids.   Whether that […]

Adult 40’s Early

I have come to appreciate all the time I spend with kids.  They grow up so quickly.   They change their habits and their tastes so quickly.   One day, he likes […]

Adult 30’s Latter

I have found my life partner. I have stopped running my own business and got back into a normal time clock job. It is not so much to support my […]

Adult 30’s Middle

I looked into lots of money making schemes and junk and did some research and watched lots of those stupid infomericals. What finally did it was reading a book for […]

Adult 30’s Early

In the quest of life goals, I started working on them, usually when the hit this age. I had the choice of career, financial independance, fame, or marriage. I had […]

Adult 20’s Late

The parents and my sister all moved down to Vancouver, We sold off the first house and got our second one. My father died in 1992 due to throat cancer […]

Adult 20’s Early

I got my first real part time job working at Radio Shack to help pay for my numerous hobbies and night life. I also switched faculities from Engineering to Computer […]

Teen Late

I moved to my first house in Vancouver to begin Engineering at UBC. This was also the year of Expo 86.