Better Karaoke

This is a table of the (Better/Passable) karaokes


Title Of Song

Original Artist

Performed By

Gooder or Better or Bester

Phantom Of The

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Rob, Anna at William's Party

This song was done really well.  Anna's voice held up
with all the screaming!

Staying Alive

Bee Gees

Rob, Dan at William's Party

Ok, a rather better attempt to hit Barry Gibb's high

Forever Love

X - Japan

John, Anna, Rob at William's Party

This was a long ballad, but it was well done.  Well, even
though they were goofing around during the instrumental solos.

Sweet Dreams

Air Supply

William at William's Party

This is one of my better performances.  I even did that
real long hold note in the middle of the song.

In The Heat Of
The Night



Ok, I did a pretty good job shifting my voice to take account
for the male and female lines.   Maybe someday I can do this
song in Chinese.  NOT...

Spaceman Came Traveling

Chris DeBurgh

William, Elick

This is a powerful Christmas song.   Thanks to the
help of Elick's great voice, we did an awesome job of the rounds on
this one.

Sekai Juu No Dare Yori

Miho Nakayama with Wands

Elick, Miwa

Ok, not only does Elick have a voice for karaoke, he knows his
Japanese well enough to do an uptempo version of this song as it came
out a little faster than he was use to.   Great adlib...

All Out Of Love

Air Supply

William, Elick at Rob's Party

Although, later Elick's voice gave out, he has a great singing
voice. Puts mine to shame.   He does a great job with that
hanging note near the end of the song too!

One I Love


Rob, Chad, and James at Daisuke's Party

This song turns out to be one of the good songs that requires
a good set of backup singers.   We had a little bit of
feedback but it was ok.

I Want You

Savage Garden


She did a great job with this song, since the lyrics on the
screen are actually out of sync to the song so she sang most of this
song with her eyes closed.


James, Feron at Rob's Party

God, these guys know this song TOO well. They even got all the
lyrics that didn't come up on the screen.

Angel Queen

Dara Sedaka

William at William's Party

This is actually my second attempt at this song.  This
time I tried to regulate my voice a bit better because of the high
notes.  I think I did ok.

This is my first attempt at Angel
@ Victor's party.


William at Rob's Party

This is actually my second time doing this song at Mike's.
This time I got it closer than my first time. Well, kind maybe.....

Ole Ole

Ricky Martin

"Kentaro" Feron at Daisuke's Party

A "big" person with a great vocal strength and man, does he
have control even when he has to do the Spanish lyrics.

China Girl

David Bowie


Bowie has a nice deep voice in this song so I tried to keep it
low and close to the microphone.


Spandau Ballet


Maybe it is because he is British he can do this song. This
has become one of his standards.

Anzen Chitai

Daisuke's 2003 party

Daisuke on leads with me as a backup. One the best shots at a
Japanese song.

Namie Amuro


even got the rap part

Howard Jones

William Mix

I used a multi-track mixinng program to lay my
voice(s) along this song.