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Arctic Animation Dedication Page

In the early days of anime in North America, Japanese Animation had a very cult following of die hard fans willing to watch horribly dubbed, multiple generation tape copies, Japanese only, and even paid bootleggers as much as $20 a tape for anime.Arctic Animation came to life in 1988, where I started a movement to begin translating Japanese animation to make it more accessable to everyone. Using the fan networks by snail mail, BBS networks like FidoNet, and the early internet (not like the information super highway it is now), and other anime clubs; Arctic Animation became one of the largest anime producers and distributors in the North American Anime scene. Soon many other anime groups jumped into the picture to help with the distribution and the creation of anime for English speaking people.

It didn’t take long before commerical interests finally noticed that anime had potential in North America, and they started to make anime available to the masses. At last after almost 15 years, I see the fruits of my work succeed. Who would have thought that we would be able to see such anime classics like Dragonball and Mobile Suit Gundam on North American TV. Well, back in 1988, it was nothing more than a fantastic dream, but now 15 years later, the dream is now reality. I am proud to be one of the pioneers to help bring this fantastic source of entertainment world wide.

Below are some of the letters that really stand out from my collection of letters. When I was cleaning out my files and records, I had over 5 long comics boxes packed full and filled with letters and fan mail.