Tempest Cheat

The next game I got really good at was Tempest. There was one of these machines at the downtown arcade on the main drag of Prince George downtown which is 3rd Avenue. At first, I played it like any other kid, playing and dying. But then I remember we found out codes to do things like get 40 free credits and play the game in demo mode and unlock all the levels. So we had it to a system. First play to level 21, die with your score ending in 48 or something like that. That will give you 40 free credits. Use the credits for 2 players (that gives you 2 chances) to end your score with 20 (I think) and that would unlock the levels up to level 81. Then the next game we would dial the machine up to level 80 and then use 2 players to try and clear that level. What a bitch that was. Level 80 is the first of the invisible levels. If you can clear it, you get billions of points! High score time! I wasn’t consistent but I did beat it a few times.

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