Sinistar was my next favourite game at that time I played. I remember the arcade downtown had that one. It was fun but sometimes when that Sinistar head comes alive, it would just blast out “I am alive!!!” and that would just scare the shit out of me as I was so busily concentrating on mining ore for Sinibombs.

The fun began when we discovered a bug in Sinstar. I am not sure exactly how it works but basically when the Sinistar is chasing you, you quickly launch out all your bombs. If he eats you, you die and you are at zero fighters. Then all of the sudden, those bombs you released, homes in kills the sinistar. But you are dead, so it takes another one off at the clearing phase. This will make it -1 fighers or since this is 8 bit, 254 men! Yay, I could play for hours. I only really remember doing this three times.

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