Pine Centre Mall

Pine Centre Mall had an arcade it. I remember going there with Geordie, Cameron, sometimes Bob. Always went there almost once a week during lunch break. The games they had that were cool were Defender, Stargate and Galaga.

Defender I sucked at. Stargate I was a bit better but not like some guys. They would pick up the men to do the warps. The levels got so disgusting at that high level.

Galaga was fun because this place and the place at the end of Spruceland had the machines that had the no shooting bug. On the first level if you let the top guy on the right hand side keep diving down to attack you and you let him keep diving down. After he fired off over 254 shots, he will fire no more because the machine thinks there are over 254 shots on the screen. So from level 2 onwards, no galaxian will shoot at you. They might ram you, but nobody will shoot bullets. I remember Geordie sitting for hours playing that. I think after 99 waves of attacks, the game crashes.

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