Para Para Paradise at Metrotown

One day at Metrotown, CHQ put 2 DDR and 1 Para Para Machines in the main concourse and put them on free play. I skipped a day of work to go in and play. They had a tournement for high scores. Of course, I won the hard setting for Para Para without any opposition.

I was talking to some of the other girls who won prizes in the easier setting. I said, “I don’t play on easy anymore since that is girls. (ie. refering to the writing on the ring on the game “cute girls and maniac guys”. Well, this Nazi BITCH who handed out the prizes said that I was being “sexist”. She also says that I was “irresponsible” and I should “grow up!”

Of course, I gave her a good reply. “I said, if it is such a sexist remark, I challenged her to turn the machines back on again, and we can let the “girls” refering to the winners to try hard. Of course, she said NO and I already knew the girls in line have rarely tried hard if ever. After stunning her there, I proceeded to say. “Yea, I am playing hooky from work right now, yea, that is pretty irresponsible.” “Yea, I wasted a whole day here playing kid’s games, yea that is pretty irresponsible.” But you know what, “These aren’t my kids, and when they get to a point when they get a job, play hooky, still get paid, and play Para Para on the hard setting; then they will be MATURE enough to challenge me. I waved her off, held my winning gift certificate in my hand and walked away.

Almost 6 months after that, I saw MOKA’s name appear a couple times at hard at CHQ. Pretty good score, but score is not a good indicator of proficiency and speed, only accuracy. I used to play cheap and play the easier and slower songs really accurately to keep a good combo and get high scores. Problem is I look stiff and look really stupid doing it so I don’t play points. But it is nice to see someone was inspired by me to try their best.

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