The first game I was any good at was one called Outpost. A really simple concept game. You were a fort in the center of the screen and you 4 guns pointing in the four directions, up, down, left and right. You had four buttons to correspond to the directions and you shot space ships and missiles and shots heading towards your base. It is more or less a hyper fast version of Simon or an applied version of the Japanese “Bishi Bashy game” or that “bash the mole game with the hammer” except of course there are only 4 holes and you just press the button.
The only arcade that had this was the one at the end of Spruce land beside the Macdonalds and a Pizza Hut. But I think it should be more the Shopper’s DRUG mart, as it was the underground choice for under the counter stuff.
Damn!!! Now you know why their pizzas are so addictive.

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