Gundam DX at UBC

I was playing Gundam DX at the UBC arcade during one of their ally you can game days. I was playing the game and I was trying to finish the game using guntank and I got to about level 6 of 13. Then some loser joins in as Zion to challenge me. I played against his Zaku. Not bad of a player but I beat him down. Ok, fine. Maybe he would leave me alone. NO. The moron challenges me again. I waited until he selected his mechs and was about to start the game and I left that terminal and started a new game on the adjacent terminal. Har Har. He was stuck where he was for that round playing with himself while I started my game again on the new terminal. This time, he got the hint and didn’t bug me anymore. If he did again, I would have really screwed him up by picking Zion too and pick something like the Char’s Zaku or Gelgoog and stand around him so I will get hit by friendly and unfriendly fire. Of course, if you are a big target that takes over half of your life meter when you die, then that become pretty tough win the round when one of you is trying to kill the enemy and the other one is waving his arms yelling “SHOOT ME!”

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