Adult 40’s Late

When you get to this part of your life, you start thinking Mid-Life Crisis.    Yes, as part of one of things I started to think about is things I always wanted and things I always wanted to do.   So with the age of the internet and shopping, I started to get those things I had always wanted.   In addition to that I had always wished that I was able to musically perform something.   Now that is a challenge because I never learned how to play an instrument nor learned how to read sheet music.   However, that didn’t stop me from gathering an Yamaha electric bass guitar, a Stratocaster electric guitar, a retro classic Korg RK-100 Keytar, and full Roland PD-5 and Yamaha TP-65  electronic drums.  With that in mind,   I set out with a goal to learn to play and sing all parts of three songs.   Of course, I’m not going to play them all at once nor play an entire instrument from start to end, but anything is possible with a multi-channel mixing software.     The three songs I have chosen for this goal is “Cruel Summer” from Bananarama, “In the Heat Of the Night” from Sandra, and  “Burning Love” by Honeymoon Suite.   It will probably take me years to put one together, but that is the goal.

In late 2014, I had suffered from near heart failure.   Fortunately, with early detection and the advancements of modern medicine they were able to detect levels of  troponin in my blood which is an indicator for a possible heart attack.    With this, they were able to perform a triple heart bypass surgery.   It sounds scary and was a no doubt made me question my own mortality.

With this, I now have a outlook to share what I have know and have to world.

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