God Father Of Anime

I pioneered what is known in anime as “Fansubbing”.

Back in the late 1980’s, Japanese Animation was making a small niche hit over here in North America. Problem was not many US companies translated and produced the Japanese material. Thus I took a process known as “fan subbing” short for Fan subtitling, and went on to make a company known in anime circles as “Arctic Animation”. We produced subtitled anime for the English speaking community for over 10 years, translating and titling over 1200 movies and TV episodes from Japanese to English including big names like Orange Road, Maison Ikkoku, Patlabor, Sailor Moon, Miracle Girls, Red Riding Hood Cha Cha, Nurse Angel, G Gundam, ZZ Gundam and Heavy Metal L-Gaim. I disbanded, Arctic Animation late 1999, to allow the new generation of kids continue the process by using digitial sampling and internet technology, this is known as “digital fan subbing”.

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